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Happy New Years to everyone who made it.  We all had our views of how last year would play out.  Did you get that job?  Did you start a family?  Did you save enough money?  How about your education?  Maybe you finally got a plan for your life.  Did you give back?    Whatever it was, did you do it?

A lot of times, a new year, brings new challenges.  Whether you made a resolution or not, we all seek some sort of goal or look for the new year as a fresh start, right?    Here’s a question…how’s your health?  How is your stress level?  Work-life balance ok?  Is that shirt too tight now?  Skirt hugging the wrong things?  Do you have to use an RX now?  If you’ve got any of this going on already, you need to make a COMMITMENT, not a resolution, to get fit.  Kick that unhealthy lifestyle in the chest!

In the movie 300, Leonidas is posed with a threat to something he owns and holds dear…the welfare of himself, and his people.  He is the King of Sparta.  He owns this role.  An area of opportunity for us is to realize that we are the Kings and Queens of our bodies.  We OWN our health.  When posed with a threat to something he held dear, he dismissed the initial messenger with a kick in the chest.  You know the rest (that rhymed).  We’ve got to kick obstacles to our health, with a swift, strong kick in the chest.  Yup, you worked 55 hours last week.  We’re open.  That kid won’t stop crying.  Bundle her up and take her around the neighborhood.  You’ve got people in town.  Take them to play ultimate Frisbee at a local park.  Your spouse is complaining about quality time.  They can do squats while you pump up that chest, and rip those abs.  Can you imagine THAT quality time 6 months later?  Sorry, we got sidetracked.  That PhD won’t earn itself.  Did we mention we’re always open?

Kick procrastination, dream-killers, routine-killers, and other false problems in the chest.  This is your chance.  Don’t lose in the end to a mighty army run by a dude from Persia, but STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU OWN!!!  Kick that stuff in the chest!  Play the Rocky theme song!  Play the Superman theme song!  Play whatever, just kick that old lifestyle in the chest!


As an added incentive to get your year started right, we’re giving away a free race code to the Reebok Spartan Race, on February 15, 2014 in Tampa, FL!  Stop by the office to see how you can use the free code, or individual discount codes!  It’s 2k14.  Stop being passive about your health.  It’s yours.  Own it.  Kick everything else in the chest!!!

For more info on the Reebok Spartan Race, check this link out:

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